Sunday, March 16, 2008

JOURNAL: Much to Catch Up On

JUST A QUICK NOTE: The past couple weekends have been full, and there's a lot still to be posted.

I'm also wanting to flesh out experiences a little more than before and raise the quality of my posts (a la Chopper Dropper).

I'm currently thirteen posts behind, so there will be some of entries that I will have to turn-over quickly. But hopefully the more-thought-out posts will be more frequent.

For an idea of what's ahead/behind for the blog, we've got a few (5) DISNEY entries, a JOURNAL, a MOVIE, a RACE, a RUN, a PUG, a couple FOODs, and a DANGER(!).

You can check out the links to the left for the latest posts (those are irregardless of how the posts have been back-dated).


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