Thursday, March 20, 2008

JOURNAL: Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale

My friend Chuck and I are signed up for the upcoming Muddy Buddy at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex and for the Expedition Everest Challenge over at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Team Pud Muddle needs some matching shirts. Those events are still a ways away -- May and September, respectively -- but was having a Spring Cleaning Sale (til March 26th) and we just couldn't wait!

Here are the two designs that we ended up getting... not much explanation to them except that they're both cute and somewhat tragic (just like us):

Collateral Damage

Adorable Disasters (we get it in the sage green)

Then I ordered another shirt just for me as my (potential) 2008 Gay Days shirt -- I'm sure someone else will be wearing it, but anywho:

Inside You

We'll take pictures of us modeling the shirts when they come in and we find some time together. Up to now, we've been on separate training schedules. And I'm very impressed by Chuck's dedication and progress this far. I think it's really great.

Anyways, that's the t-shirt update.

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