Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RUN: 4.5 miles + 4 miles @29:14, Melb Cswy+, Melbourne, FL

[ahh, map is cleaner. for dirty-busy satellite-version, click HERE]

Today after work, I planned on joining a co-worker for his weekly run across the causeway. I thought I knew which one, and apparently I was wrong.

First, I drove to the library beside the Eau Gallie Cswy. It was 10 minutes before the 6:30 run, and I didn't recognize anybody. I was pretty sure we talked about meeting at the library, but I second-guessed myself, tried to call him and got his voicemail, so I got into my car and bolted south on US1 to the Melbourne Cswy, where the Beta Running Club met one Saturday morning. I parked at Front Street Park and saw a group of runners.

Was it them?

Turns out it was a Team in Training group (i.e. - not them). And they were runners and not triathletes (or "schizos" as the TnT runners call them). They invited me to run with them, and matched me up (pace-wise, 8-8:30-ish) with one of their guys.

So we ran their warm up and their 4-mile route which was over-and-back the causeway. Bob is TnT-ing for a friend, and his goal race in Anchorage, Alaska will be his first marathon. It was a nice, easy run... good recovery for the sucky-ish run that was yesterday. And afterward, we parted ways and I went out for extra credit.

I ran another four miles at an accelerated pace (ended up averaging 7:19) -- first down US1 for a bit (hard time remembering exactly where I turned around) then downtown, out-round-and-back on Melbourne Ave. It was steady and peaceful.

I ran sans music and with compression shorts and office socks (check them out below).

On the way home, I stopped by Publix and bought sushi for dinner and a lot of fruit stuff. And so far, it's been a very productive evening. It's already 11:55 PM? (What the deuce?). Anyways then...

Here are tonight's on-location/sweaty/jumping ceddy pics:


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