Monday, March 31, 2008

RUN: 4.57 miles @35:37, Suntree Lib<-->Suntree Loop

[I have both Hybrid and Map,
but since I ran at night, Hybrid won.
The Map can be found HERE

Tonight I had to return a video to the library, so I waited until dark-ish to head over. I ran with normal running shorts and running shirt. I ran with music (Netcot, Mexico) and with running goo.

I ran from the library towards the Suntree Country Club and ran a loop of St. Andrews, Interlachen, Inverness, and S. Pinehurst. It was dark and cool, and I could smell good cooking (wood-smoked turkey?)... very comforting. The run was easy, and I felt at a good pace (7:47).

On the way home, I stopped by publix to get some icing for the cupcakes I was going to make for tomorrow's office hot dog lunch (our co-workers don't need an excuse to have a food party). I also got a lot more food than I really need -- that's what happens when I go grocery shopping after a run.

Anyways, another late night, and I need to get to bed (cupcakes done and frosted... i'll post a pic another night).

WHat? Another woot-off?!... okay, I'll wait to see what the next item is first.


Here are the couple sweaty jumping ceddy pics from tonight:

UPDATE: Just though of something... the last woot-off ended a couple days ago... why would they have another one unless... oh, it's April Fool's Day.

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