Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WORK: Hot Dog Lunch Party (me Cupcakes!)

Today at work, we had a hot dog lunch party (it really doesn't take much for us to celebrate food). Everyone brought something -- there were hot dogs, brats, chili, potato salad, snack mix, chips and salsa, cookies, donuts, and I brought cupcakes:

I made the icing the colors of Ireland's flag because a co-worker is going there for vacation very soon (and because I was in a Disney mood and felt like I had to "plus" my dessert).

I also told my co-workers that a chocolate chunk was baked in one of the cupcakes and that whoever gets that cupcake will win a free Chinese take-out on me. It was April Fools Day, so I was totally bluffing, but everyone seemed to be too concentrated on the food at hand to care about the future.

We'd get our food and head to the small conference room to share stories, Relax, and get to know each other better. It's a real team-building experience. I think that food's the glue that holds our hallway together, which could be a reflection of our mixed cultures, and Marty pointed out what a diverse group of people we have in terms of race, gender, age, and titles.

And after being labeled as "culturally sensitive" after a holiday hubbubaloo that I can't effectively re-tell, I'm glad that we're able to openly celebrate ourselves.

Jordan: What kind of cupcakes are those?
Me: Yellow... just like me?
Anyways, these food parties are always so much fun. It was a good time.


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