Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RUN: 4.94 miles @??:??, Eau Gallie Cswy, Melbourne, FL

[just the Hybrid tonight]

Tonight after work, I went to the Eau Gallie Library and met up with a co-worker Jordan, his wife, and their friends for their weekly causeway run.

I got there a little early to return some library material and to pick up some more -- I got Disney music. (I'm surprised that I hadn't thought of that before)

Anyways, we walked to the corner of Eau Gallie and Pineapple and took off over the causeway. I ran with my co-worker all the way to Riverside Drive then kicked it on the way back... probably a little more than comfortable, then decided to go up and over the length of the causeway one more time.

I want to say that it took me a little less than 45 minutes, but I not sure. I was chaffing on my inner left thigh by the end of it, but it was chilly enough that I could handle it with a wider running stance. *shrug*

Afterwards, I followed Jordan back to his house (in cars) while his wife went to go pick up their son. His neighborhood is so nice, I just had to drive through it with my windows down. Anyways, I got a tour of the beautiful house and then we warmed up some food that his wife had made. It was curried rice with some spicy vegetables (healthy and tasty).

And in the meantime, I took my sweaty pic:

We then just hung out and talked, and it was a nice, unexpected surprise of an evening. It was a dose of family time that I admire and miss.

Everyone in my family called to wish me a happy birthday, and that was great. As much as I don't want to feel like these things are important to me, I keep realizing how much we need them.

The people at work were great too. They had a small office party for my birthday and Nga, who's infamous for burning stuff, made a peanut butter cookie cake that actually tasted really good -- everyone was surprised, so someone asked her how she made it, and she replied, "from scratch", to which someone replied, "your cat?". (as in a cat named 'Scatch'... nevermind, haven't figured out how to tell that joke).

Anyways, it was a really nice in-the-middle-of-the-week birthday.

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