Monday, March 17, 2008

RUN: 5.37miles @44:00, Home<-LL->Murrell/Baytree, Viera, FL

[tonight I'm only posting the 'satellite'-version]

Today at work, I was really tired, which was odd because I got plenty of sleep (8 last night, 11 the night before) and went to get some RaceTrac coffee.

I'm thinking that the transition back into the office mentality has overwhelming me -- a lot of dramatic energy from the weekend (from nearly dying) -- and my mind was shutting down (and still, I managed to put a code change into review).

I was also feeling that my work life and home life were getting too close for comfort, and need more of a separation, so I'm giving myself a week's hi8us from trying to catch-up on overdue entries.

And tonight, even though I was tired, I headed out because I knew that I just needed an easy run. It was fine outside, and I ran with music (WWDTM) and long-sleeves, which came off two-thirds through.

My right knee was really bothering me for the last mile or so, but I kept a slow-but-steady pace... and still ended up averaging 8:12.

Anyways, here are tonight's kitchen blurry sweaty jumping ceddy pics:

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