Tuesday, April 08, 2008

INAH: _________

Today was a bummer -- one of those "many little things", "everyone's unloading", "I need someone to cut me some slack" sort of days.

But I don't really want to remember today for those things, so here are three things that I liked about today:

1) going to the dentist. i went in this morning to get my molar crown... (can't think of the word)... installed, and my dentist is cute.

2) talking to my favorite security person on the phone. nothing woo. i locked up the office and would always call in to be sure, and just a familiar and friendly voice is much appreciated.

3) talking with my sister. my sister does a lot and has to deal with more drama than me, so she gives me perspective. also, when she tells stories, i can imagine being up there, and the escape is nice.

I guess that the thing that bummed me out about today was that I was tired, a little dehydrated, and not getting very positive vibes from co-workers. I miss my co-worker's who's on vacation all this week... he's my local sanity-check. It's just a job, and it's just another day.

Tomorrow is Toastmasters, and I'll probably be more surly than usual, though it'll be an opportunity to be consciously professional (which could end up coming across as intimidating, so maybe *shrug*).

Anyways, my right knee is really hurting so no running. It'll just be food, drink, video, and bed tonight.

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sisonymous said...

I made the top 3! It's a "bummer" list, but I'll take it...

Don't you have a radio contest to win?