Monday, April 07, 2008

RUN: 3.95 miles @??:??, Home<-ss->Fran Jamieson, Viera, FL

Today, after work, I went right to pruning one of my trees in the backyard. A neighbor had informed me of some caterpillar webs on some of the branches, and that those buggers can kill a tree. He let me borrow his long pruning stick thing, and it was hella-fun to use.

My [caddy-corner] neighbor's dog had immediately started barking and continued barking for an hour-and-a-half (seriously?!). I had my camera and took a picture of that bitch and the horror that is their backyard.

satan's dog
would you rent to these people?
(just above is dog #2 of 4)

That hellion dog is the same dog that barked all Friday night. The chatter amongst the disgruntled neighbors is Desperate Housewives-ish (yeah, desperate to get them white trash kicked out of our community); and I'm so giddy! (*tee hee, giggles*)

Anyways, finished up pruning the tree for the most part (didn't see anymore webs up):

my tree
and I went inside and changed for my run since there's no point taking two showers.

[yep, just Satellite tonight]

I ran with music (Netcot podcast, Star Tours and Parades) and goo. I took the short way out of the subdivision so I wouldn't have to run by the offender's house. The skies looked dark and suspicious (a mix of royal purple and bug-light yellow), and my right knee quickly started to ache, so I ran very slowly -- no worries because I had made the conscious decision not to time tonight's effort.

I ran from the house to the far end of Lake Andrew (straight shot); and kept the return-path the same because it'd be easier to gmap. Plus it was the shorted way home... even though it didn't rain, I was still scared of getting hit by lightning.

By the end of it, my legs and knees felt much better. I took a shower, ate leftovers then made a lot of fried food, and that was pretty much the night. It's only Monday.

Sweaty Ceddy pics:

extra sweaty
just the legs jumping

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