Sunday, April 06, 2008

MOVIE: Wordplay

I was afraid that this documentary would be all interviews with celebrities talking about what they find interesting about crosswords... because that wouldn't be interesting. It's like watching someone eat food and them telling you how good it tastes... give me the damn recipe or just shut up! (ha)

Anyways, Wordplay was a little bit of that, but was a lot more like Spellbound, in that this documentary had a focus on the national contest and followed some of the main players. There was some insight as to how some of the puzzles are selected and/or created, but I found the competition to be the coolest thing: the format, the point system, the strategies,... the nerdiness of it all.

I would say that the film was fine, maybe good, but not great... with one of their interviews they kinda spoiled the ending (or I is just smart). Oh well.

Now I have to wonder if a ARML documentary is next.       :)

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