Saturday, April 19, 2008

MOVIE: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And it was not only because of the male full-frontal early on. Seriously, the movie had a tropical background and a lot of heart and humor... and how could you not like it?

The movie is about a musician whose tv actress girlfriend dumps him. He goes to Hawaii to forget about her but of course she's there and with her boyfriend. Somehow, I bought into it.

The story's progression was good, and all of the characters were engaging. Saying that Jason Segel wrote the screenplay (and the songs that he performs in it) gives his character a lot of credibility, and I thought that Mila Kunis was absolutely great as the person that he meets at the hotel [she looked and sounded familiar, and I looked her up on imdb afterwards and had a couple of 'Aha' moments... but I'd advise to search her after you watch FSM].

Anyways, I guess another funny thing is imagining myself there since my cousin's going to get married there this summer, and I was going to go, but now I'm not going, but now now I can't wait to go next year to visit while my little sister's there... it looks beautiful. i need a vacation. it looks beautiful.

Anywho, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was great and deserves its 85% at (87% from RT's Top Critics), and I really wouldn't mind going to see it again for the story, songs, and scenery.

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