Thursday, April 03, 2008

MOVIE: Surf's Up

After the fun run, I stopped by the library to pick up more stuff on hold and also decided to get Surf's Up. I wanted to see if it really deserved its Best Animated Film nomination. And it did.

To tell the truth, I wasn't entirely keen about watching the movie when it was originally in theatres because I thought it was trying to cash in on the penguin-mania, like Happy Feet, which I found clips of on YouTube, and they looked incredibly cheesy and penguin-exploitative (why penguins?) -- I'm still sore that HF won the Oscar.

Anyways, Surf's Up was actually a really good movie for the fact that it actually presented insight into the world of surfing and how it related to penguins. It has a good story and the way that the film-makers told it was interesting and very well done. The movie was "shot" in the style of a reality tv show/documentary. There were a lot of mixed-feelings (in the good way) -- from the crisp shots to grainy -- all with a style, and very beautifully executed.

There was also a lot of A.D.D. moments with the "interviews" (so my mind was happy). Anyways, Surf's Up is a quick 83 minutes long and definitely worth checking out.

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