Thursday, April 03, 2008

RUN: 4.46 miles @??:??, RZ Fun Run+, Melbourne, FL

[only the Hybrid tonight]

Tonight, I went to the Running Zone Fun Run for the third week in a row. This time, there weren't as many people but the usual suspects were there, which is encouraging to see such core and commitment.

Anyways, we ran the usual path, same as last week, except I added some distance on the way back (I ran around BCC, almost a mile more).

A friend, Rick (a.k.a. "Gary" according to the latest SCR newsletter), was wearing some Ugly shorts, and I had to take a picture of them:

Also, Jim brought his corgi Yogi to the fun run again; this time I saw them run. And the corgi was SO CUTE! (Next time, I'm taking my camera with me... or would that be weird?). Here's a picture of Yogi re-hydrating afterwards.

Anyways, I had backed into a parking space, so I put the camera in front of the grill of my car, which turns out to be a great level to take pictures from. And yeah, I made known to all that I'm weird ("Why were you jumping?") and don't care who knows it!


Here are this evening's pics:

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