Monday, April 21, 2008

RUN: 3.52 miles @26:32, Home<-LL->Murrell+, Viera, FL

Tonight, I just had to run. After a 12+ hr day at work and loads of coffee, I came home and found myself in a frenzy about something that wasn't necessarily time-sensitive -- I mean,... if I waited 5 years, what's another night?

I'll just say that it's a source of regret, which is tonight's flavor of the kaki-gori that is my dehydration -- last time I was dehydrated I ended up adopting stray cat, even if only for 22 hours.

So I had a LOT of pent up energy from that, and from not having run the past couple days. I pulled myself away from the self-loathing for a moment to change into running shorts and head out for a few miles.

As you could imagine, I took the 3.52 miles faster than usual. It was only a 7:32 pace because I'm out-of-shape, but I was able to run it without stopping. Adrenaline coated my recently-paining knees, and they weren't an issue tonight.

I ran sans shirt but with music (a new playlist), and home issues aside, the run was actually pretty nice.

Anyways, I gchatted awhile with MOM, and she helped me put things in perspective. I miss her and need to figure when my next weekend will be. I do have a new catalytic converter (got that done today -- yay!). Anywho, I'll deal with my issue tomorrow... when I actually can do something about it. Patience and perspective.

Until tomorrow, here's tonight's pics:

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