Thursday, April 17, 2008

RUN: 3.75 miles @~33:xx, RZ Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[Satellite tonight.]

Tonight was my return to running. I know that it's only been three days off, but for someone who was trying to get back into the habit, it's a long time.

Anyways, it's already late, so here we go: Running Zone Fun Run. I ran with running tights, knee band (on right), and camera. I ran easy with Robin, who's traveling up this weekend to Boston! (woo hoo! good luck!). We averaged an 8:43 pace for the more-than-usual distance... we got a little lost and over-ran on the way back from WP.

Here's some pics from on-course:

The run felt good, and I don't know what it was, but it also felt... calmer. And you can see that on face in tonight's sweaty ceddy pics:

Anyways, one more day before the weekend. It's a 2-day-er but it's free and with options. I hope that it's

Good Luck in Boston Robin!

2 comment(s):

afrononymous said...

time for a haircut. You look like MOM.

Cedric said...

but of course, I'm MOM 3.0

maybe I should get a perm?