Friday, April 18, 2008

RUN: 3.43? miles @~26:39, Home<-LL->Ave Light, Viera, FL

[Satellite for night, click HERE for Map]

After work, I came home and finished off the last three episodes of Firefly. It's such a great series. Anyways, before I knew it, it was dark outside, and I had to go for a little run, otherwise it would've felt like I've been indoors all day.

So I put took the music (Netcot's 100th podcast), put on a knee sleeve (yeah, needing it), and a skull cap (otherwise big hair), and headed out.

I just ran to the Avenue light and back.

It was a calm night, and I wasn't pushing it. The breathing was fine, rhythm was fine... no pressures and the night was calm. On my way out of the neighborhood, I passed a cat who kept low to the ground, then just out of the neighborhood, I passed a possum doing the same thing. It was odd seeing such passive wildlife.

Anyways, that was about it... I got cat-called on the way back. *shrug*

Here are the pics:

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