Wednesday, April 30, 2008

RUN: 6.98 miles @54:37, Eau Gallie Cswy Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[Hybrid this time! Woo! (and gmap link)]

Tonight after work, I went over to the Eau Gallie Causeway for my friend's fun run. I got there early and just went ahead and started. I ran from Pineapple Avenue to Riverside Drive and back, then was going to go up the causeway and back the same side, but went for more... then more.

On my second trip back from Riverside, I saw Jordan, then Chandler, then Moji, then Stan, then Sharon. I finished, then stopped by my car to grab the camera. But before heading back, sweaty ceddy pics:

I got back in time to see Jordan finish. Then... long story short, we took over 100 photos as we caught up with everyone else, and had impromptu photoshoots (jumping pics!).

Anyways, it was a beautiful after-work-time. I ran wearing not-the-best running shorts and eventually my wicky shirt wrapped around my head, and I ran without music. It was a lot of fun.

I stopped by Crispers on the way home and ordered my usual Oriental Chicken Salad with Honey-Lime dressing, and a cappuccino torte (I <3 that dessert!) and stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things that will hopefully help heal my throat (ack!).

Anywho, it's already really late, so I'll just post a few of my favorite pics of the night.

G'night! :)

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