Thursday, May 01, 2008

RUN: 5.12 miles @40:02, RZ Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[Satellite, but if you want different, gmap link HERE]

It was a beautiful day for a run after work. It was sunny but not hot, the air was fair, and the feeling was calm.

We had a good bunch at this evening's Running Zone Fun Run. A number of people happened to be wearing solid colors, and as a group would've made for a good rainbow pic. Anyways, I ran sans music and sans knee band. I just ran kinda slow and enjoyed the run for what it was. No pressure and fun times.

Same course as usual, except I did a couple run backs -- once in the park to add another 1/2 mile, and then I ran the trails an extra time. It turned out good -- an extra mile and a half total -- plus the trails were kind on the joints.

This evening's sweaty ceddy photoshoot was like yesterday's -- very good not only because the pics turned out really well, but the photoshoot itself was well-received -- the other runners were happy and enthusiastic (instead of being weirded-out) -- check out the lady on the right:

I then got with Rick and Doug for our "Gymboree Fun Run" pic:

Rick (on the left) was the one whose ugly shorts I had taken a picture of. I told him that maybe we should also start a "Rick Sporting Short" photo series:
work it, honey!

The owners of Running Zone had their dachshund with them, so I had to get some pics:

I had a really nice time tonight -- beautiful weather, successful run (with some extra credit), and very nice people.


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