Sunday, May 25, 2008

JOURNAL: Sailing on a Sunday Afternoon

My friend Jordan invited me to go sailing on Sunday. It was beautiful outside, and the opportunity was there.

I drove over, and we took his laser out onto the Indian River for an hour, and he taught me how to tack and man the jib. He also let me wear the trapeze harness so that I could "hike out" when we caught the wind.

We managed to sail clean, then we dumped the boat on our way back into the channel where there was hardly any wind. That was fun too.

There are no pictures of us out because everything in/on the boat is assumed-to-get-wet. But below are some picture before and after.

Thanks Jordan, I had a great time!


1 comment(s):

sisonymous said...

Looks like Team Ugly Shorts again!

jk...I like those shorts - just not with that vest color. But vest = safe. Safe = yay!