Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RUN: 1.23 miles@10:12


Still sick and hurting even more, but ran because Mario told me to - "Run to perspire" - and the loop around the neighborhood did just that. I won't go into everything... (I can complain forever), but I'll just say that I'm still recovering from last weekend's half-marathon (that I am yet to blog... (will probably get to that this long weekend)).

Anyways, I unintentionally food-poisoned myself last night, so tonight I'm back to catching up on sleep. One more day until a four-day freedom, which will probably be mostly home-bound (bah). Two more weeks until Gay Days (Woo!)!

Here's tonight's pics:

2 comment(s):

sisonymous said...

I ran 6 miles today. Woot!

Cedric said...

Woot! Good for you, Sisonymous! :)