Saturday, June 14, 2008

MOVIE: Kung Fu Panda

This morning/afternoon, I went to a couple matinée movies with my friend Chuck. The first was Kung Fu Panda, which he'd seen already but he liked it so much that he went again.

All that I've heard about KFP was that it was Really predictable but also good. It was Really predictable but it wasn't also good... it was Really good.

Really cute, it sticks to a traditional formula, but there were plenty of asides and clever jokes that made it non-mainstream. The visuals were beautiful, and it also presented the audience a few visual styles. The movie also had a lot of heart, which was very refreshing, and it had a good message.

There was a montage that really reminded me of a montage from The Forbidden Kingdom except it wasn't as cheesy. The familiar voices weren't distracting (like in Over The Hedge or Madagascar).

Anyways, I really wouldn't mind seeing this movie again either, and this should get an nod at the next Academy Awards. Really nice job Dreamworks!

1 comment(s): said...

KFP = Kentucky Fried ???

oh so wrong.