Saturday, June 28, 2008


[This entry is waaay ATF.]

Again said, this entry is very much after the fact. I've seen the movie twice before in theaters, and that was probably more than enough, and on both occasions I've come to the same conclusion: that WALL-E is not a kid's film.

The movie was sweet, cute, beautiful, and has great music (I bought the soundtrack on the way home), but I don't think that it keeps a child's attention particularly well -- and by child, I mean both the one under the age of twelve and the ones in the 15-18 range. Seriously. I did enjoy the film, but maybe not as much had I seen it in a quiet theater.

I had high expectations for the film, enjoying all of the trailers for the film beforehand, but I was bothered (when I probably shouldn't be) by how the trailer says that WALL-E has a glitch... he's developed a personality. Well, All of the robots in the movie have personalities. I just don't know why that bothers me so. *shrug*

Anyways, good film, but sorry to say that I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda more.

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