Friday, July 11, 2008

DISNEY: Kill Wall-E

A couple weeks ago I sent my sister a small plush Wall-E, and on Thursday, she fwd-ed me an email with pictures from a co-worker -- emailed text is blockquoted.

Can't really say why not to see Wall-E, but I do know this list of ten ways to kill him. Lets start with 1


My sister responded with a Boo -- me with a >:P. Still... this could be interesting.

What followed were a series of emails of the other 9 ways of killing Wall-E:

#2 & #3

Actually I love this guy, but just not so fond of his acting

#5 & #6


Goodmorning everybody, This beautiful day, wont stop the terror on WALL-E :)

#6 & #7

And the last three...
#8, #9, & #10

Number 10 is actually the best, slowly but certain. As a smoker I'm allowed to say that :)

Me: Awww...

[UPDATED: Click HERE for an updated #9, or for the full story, check out my sister's cousins' "bullog" at]

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Poker and Euchre said...

Booo Menno!

We <3 WALL-E