Wednesday, July 09, 2008

JOURNAL: Not Dead... yet, again

Howdy all,
I'm not dead... just been at a lack lately of the rest and self-assurance needed to face the too-many-"should"s-and-"what-if"s that have been hanging over my head recently. And so I've just temporarily "fallen off" from "being me".

I haven't run in a couple weeks -- hence, no sweaty ceddy pics. When I get back to that, there'll be some sweaty doughy ceddy pics. Bah!

Also, there are placeholders for a lot of ATF blog entries. And there are more bloggables that I didn't even get that for. Bah!

I feel like I should just do action after action after action... but what if I fail or put myself in a stupid spot?

I need more rest to chance such shamelessness.

Maybe tomorrow will be different, otherwise I look towards my two-day Melbourne weekend to make up some ground.

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