Thursday, July 10, 2008

RUN: 2.38 miles @??:??, Home<-->WM, Melbourne, FL

Tonight I finally made it back to running after two weeks out of routine. Although the fleshy part of my left foot has been aching, once I started running, it didn't feel all too bad. Still, I ran cautiously.

The run to wal-mart was slow. There, I picked up two sets of gel insoles for my shoes (1 for work, 1 for sport) and a bag of grapes (they were only $1.25/lb). This is around 10:30pm. A nice lady let me in front of her in the express lane and felt sorta like a dream fastpass (okay, not really, but it was a nice surprise. Then, as you could imagine, the run home was even slower.

I consider the run successful because I didn't end up more hurt than before. I felt the lack of training in my legs -- compare that to weeks ago when my O2-capacity was my limiting factor. Still, I'm less anxious about getting back into shape now, and hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

Lately, I've been a bit out-of-it at work and home, not necessarily by stuff happening to me but by my letting efforts -- club projects, home fixes, work transitions -- run amok. I want more moral support but don't know really how to ask for it or even if I should ask for it. I have to learn how to deal with this stuff on my own eventually.

I think it's a matter of "for now". For now, I just have to keep swimming upstream, pacing myself and that sometimes all I need is some momentum -- like tonight, I manually turned on the sprinklers before I left for my run and then turned it off when I got back. Now that's synergy.

Anyways, it's past time for bed. I will tell you now that I'll be abusing the caffeine tomorrow.

And now, the long-awaited return of the sweaty ceddy jumping pics (I look a blubby:

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