Sunday, August 03, 2008

JOURNAL: Back from South Florida

Howdy all,
A friend from college was visiting for the past week, and I've quite a bit to catch-up on -- [pre-dated] entries to come this following week.

The first weekend was spent at home in Melbourne with Joy and Dan -- cooking, eating, watching movies, and playing board games. And when Monday rolled around, I headed to work, and Joy and Dan headed off to Orlando.

This past weekend, Joy came back into town with her friend Jerrico and we headed down to South Florida -- Coconut Grove and Miami -- for a few nights. I can't believe all that we got to see -- the Hollywood Hard Rock Casinos, Jungle Island, South Beach (and the Art Deco District), Gator Park, Shark Valley State Park (the Everglades), Loop Road, and Butterfly World.

More than 600 pictures and dozens of bug bites later, I'm sitting home alone again, not quite ready to get back to reality or work, projects, and responsibilities. I'm still seeking a balance to it all, and being around friends has helped me get some perspective.

Anyways, I'm going to get ready for the 5-day week and call it a night.


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