Monday, August 04, 2008

RUN: 6.41 miles @?:??:??, Viera Sports<-->Big Loop, Viera, FL


Today was a pretty good day back. I found a fix at work, got some club projects moved along, had a nice lunch with a friend, and stayed positive at the office. Then came home, mowed the lawn,... ran, then watched The Mole.

Tonight's run was more of a Run-Walk-Run. I had just finished mowing the lawn (woo!). I was wearing long windsuit pants, long socks, and old shoes when I jumped into the car and drove to the Viera Regional Sports Park and started along the Viera HS loop but decided to run to and past the Space Coast Stadium. There are so many bodies of water around here-and-there. And there was a lot of tall birds close-up -- more than in the Everglades.

And I was trotting along at an easy pace. My legs were like stones, but I moved them. I had a big sweat and took frequent breaks because I was over-heating; I took the opportunity to enjoy being out in a new area (lost). At one point, I was nervous that I'd have to hike a few miles back, but I found the exit of the loop to return to the sports park.

I was surprised that I wasn't cat-called or harassed -- I was mentally ready for it. I didn't so much get bitten by mosquitoes either because I had applied some 100% deet for the mowing, though I did run into a few of them along the way; I just brushed them off.

I wasn't the best run, but it was a different and in-line-with-the-weekend, improvised and enjoyable run.

Now I'm going to sort through the weekend's pictures a little more before calling it a night. There's other stuff to get done, but I'm pacing myself.

Anyways, here's a couple post-race kitchen pics:

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