Wednesday, August 06, 2008

RUN: 4.90 miles @~42:00?, Home <-LL->WM+Ave, Melbourne, FL

Tonight, I went for a run to combat some newly-realized love handles and to add some much-needed miles before the "racing" season begins (2 weeks!).

Anyways, I ran in a long-sleeved tech shirt, neon-green shorts, short-long socks, and my new running shoes. I started off slow-ish (not pushing it) and didn't have any breathing problems tonight. I ran with music -- ipod: Get-It-Done Guy, Grammar Girl, Legal Lad -- and had a Mango ClifShot between my teeth. I did stop and walk at regular intervals, but that's okay -- I'm still in the "glad to be outside running" mentality. My feet didn't ache until afterwards when I took my shower. I'm thinking about racing with an old pair of shoes now because from the start, this latest pair really hasn't been feeling good.

I want to get a big exercise ball to help with some ab-work and for general stretching. I also need to do more free-weights, but I need some motivation to get on that consistently.

Anyways, that's about it... still procrastinating managing the pictures from last weekend for some reason. I just need another vacation to clear my mind again. Here's a couple kitchen pics from tonight sans head:

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Poker and Euchre said...

I LOVE the exercise ball!
pant pant pant pant drool pant pant pant drool pant pant pant