Sunday, August 10, 2008

JOURNAL: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood, FL

Our weekend started early, as we left for South Florida right after I got home from work on Thursday. Jerrico was the designated driver, as how we don't trust Joy (female Asian driver) and I don't like driving. We headed down I-95, passing through patches of heavy rain and pretty skies. When we were ready for dinner, we took a random exit and found ourselves in Coconut Grove and really close to Butterfly World, one of our destinations (we'll save it for the way back). We ate at a "hmm" IHOP, then checked into a hotel. It was still a little early, so we headed out.

We went to the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood just down the road. Jerrico's experienced, so he showed us how to play the slots and video gambling machines. Joy ended up turning $20 into $55 with video poker (she got a 4-of-a-kind and we were like "cash out, cash out!"), and I turned $10 into $0 playing video blackjack. On the grounds, there were a number of clubs, shops, and restaurants... sort of like City Walk, though it had the one-story feel of Downtown Disney. It was an interesting place but more of a shrug than an ooo-and-ahh.

Before we left, I got an HRC shotglass for my collection, and Jerrico picked up an HRC trucker's hat (very good choice for him). Then on the way home we stopped by a 24-hr Walgreens to pick up some DayQuil because "Jerrico wasn't sick". We were back at the hotel by midnight.

That was day/night #1.

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Kelly said...

There is nothing wrong with female asian drivers! :)