Sunday, August 10, 2008

JOURNAL: Jungle Island, Miami, FL

Joy and Jerrico were self-professed "non-morning people". I, on the otherhand, have been programmed to feel guilty if I don't wake-up at the crack of dawn. So I woke up early Friday morning and decided to go for a run while the others slept, and I aggravated my left food again ( maybe I should've slept in. Oh well, a run is a run.

Anyways, we checked out of the hotel and headed down to Miami and over to Jungle Island. Jungle Island -- formerly Parrot Jungle -- is sort of a zoo park with shows. There were a lot of birds and monkeys, a beach and a petting zoo. The flora were incredible, and the infrastructure was quite impressive.

It was a really sunny and hot day, and there were a number of groups of young children there either on a field trip or in summer camps; they were pretty cute.

There was a little boy (maybe 5 yrs old) who ran up to me and asked me "Are you a Chinese boy?". I said "Yes, I am." then asked him what he was. He replied, "I'm a normal human being."



Later on, while we were watching a monkey cage, one of the small monkeys walked over to another one and tried to stick his _____ in the other monkey's mouth. It was kinda shocking to see, but as we watched, we heard a collective "Ewwww!" from a group of little kids who were also watching. It was funny because the "Ewwww!" continued -- no other words, no intervention by chaperons, just "Ewwww!".


Anyways, Joy, Jerrico, and I also made some other stops here and there to check out the other animals and attractions. Jerrico was looking for any opportunity for shade. We eventually made our way to Jungle Island's Bird Show, which I found very pretty... *ahem* I mean educational... very pretty educational.

Overall, we spent about three hours at Jungle Island and found it to be a nice, beautiful, and relaxing attraction.

It wasn't this monkey...
Don't poot!
It's a Liger!
Jerrico finds shade
Look at the size of that Koi!
The left girl's expression and hand disturb me.
Pretty bird indeed

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