Sunday, August 10, 2008

JOURNAL: South Beach, Miami, FL

After Jungle Island, we got back to the hotel to rest a bit. We were kinda tired but it was still early, so we headed back out, for a driving tour of the the South Beach Art Deco District.

Jerrico drove, Joy rode shotgun, and I had the backseat as we went up and down the Miami streets. The building were tall with subtle geometric feature, each emanating color and personality. I really enjoyed it. Then after a while, we decided to go walk along the beach.

There weren't so much glam as expected though I did manage shameless pic or two. I ended up taking pictures of the colorful and unique lifeguard stations -- to occupy my shutterbug tendencies.

I was starting to sweat a little from running ahead of Joy and Jerrico to get the pictures. I had Joy take a couple pics of me with my shirt off, and it was later upon review of the photos that I discovered that I had developed... love handles.


(I know that I've been gaining some weight lately from more eating and less running, but dah. Oh well, I'm owning it.)

Anyways, after the beach, we walked up and down the streets parallel to the beach -- along the beachwalk park area, along the row of restaurants, and the row of shops. It was quite nice how the area was laid out.

We then started looking for a place to eat. There were so many people in front of the restaurants aggressively trying to get us to come in and eat at their place... It was like Las Vegas or Tijuana, except it was with food instead of porn.

Joy and Jerrico were good at keeping on walking, while I somehow felt like I needed to explain to them that we were looking around. And I bow a lot.

We eventually settled on eating at Hosteria Romana 2, an Italian restaurant, where the food tasted homemade, and there was a big sense of family with Mama running the show. It was too bad that we got the lazy son waiter who tried to avoid us all night.

On the way home, we stopped by a scary CVS for more meds because "Joy wasn't sick either".

That was day/night #2.

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