Thursday, October 23, 2008


The Tower of Terror 13K was this weekend and halfway through the week beforethe race, we were still not 100% about our team uniforms. Instead of Team Ugly Shorts, as we have been for many races this past year, we figured we'd try something new... Team Green? -- basically, we'd be sporting matching green alien shirts (from Toy Story) and green everything else. But we only had one alien shirt, so Thursday after work, I headed to DHS to see if they had 2 more in Youth XL.

After work, I stopped by the house to send a quick email to the running club officers (meeting minutes) -- since I'll be computer-free while in Orlando -- and to pick up my clothes for the weekend. The drive over wasn't bad. I actually went soundless (no music, no podcasts) and really enjoyed the peace and quiet (no hustle & bustle). Anyways, I was at DHS by 7:30pm.

Crowds were light, but the ride-enthusiast in me didn't kick in. I was on a mission, and I headed straight to the shop in Pixar Place across from TSMM. Two youth XL alien shirts! Yes! Mission accomplished. I then checked the wait time for TSMM (100 minutes). I'm visiting the Art of Disney Animation, and it's just in time. The rain clouds opened up (no thunder, thank goodness) -- just a nice pour. The pre-show crowd was of an intimate size, and filing into the "new release" exhibit, we found that WALL-E has been replaced by the upcoming Bolt (Rhino the hamster is so adorable).

Anyways, Stitch and I went over and took some pictures with Mickey and Wall-E before going over to the Animation Academy. The artist was a different cast member than my other times, and he reminded me of a HS friend Marcus and a fellow TM Christopher. We drew Daisy Duck -- my first female Disney character here -- and I think that I did well. After the class, I saw that the exit area now had Snow White sketches instead of the previous Lilo & Stitch. I'm just glad that they keep on updating these exhibits.

By then, the rain had lightened up, and we walked towards the Backlot Tour and the Streets of America. The place looked deserted, and it was kind of a really cool feeling... like behind-the-scenes/having-the-park-to-myself. It was about a quarter til 9pm, and we could've ridden Star Tours on our way out, but I figured that it was better to beat the rush out, especially out of DHS's parking lot, which is very easily congested. And with the fireworks from both Fantasmic and IllumiNations over the treeline of the parking lot, we did make it out nicely.

So, during this visit, I was able to procure the two alien shirts our team needed, had a nice time atThe Art of Disney Animation and the Animation Academy, and enjoyed the change-of-pace the rain brought, as well as having an exclusive visit to the Streets of America. Overvall, I'd say it was a calm, happy, and successful trip.

Next, the itinerary and then some pictures...
Here's what I did this visit:

- bought 2 youth-xl Alien shirts
- The Art of Disney Animation (Bolt)
- Animation Academy (Daisy)
- The Streets of America


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