Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RUN: 5.25 miles@??:??, Home<-LL->Stadium Pkwy Loop, Melbourne, FL

It's been a couple days since my last run, so I forewent putting together the running club's meeting minutes for another day and headed out a long run.

I just ran the stadium parkway loop again, though this time I don't think that I ever got my breathing down -- maybe started too aggressively -- and had to have a lot of walking intervals. To make up for that, there were many stretches that I sprinted, though running at night facing the blaring lights of on-coming traffic isn't very conducive to assured running confidence.

I did get honked at once when I was tying my shoe then soonthereafter was cat-called by some ladies -- so it all balanced out. I ran with music (APM: Weekend America), and I ran kinda dehydrated. I also didn't eat well at all today -- Chinese take-out, pizza, chips, M&Ms... another reason I had to go out for a run.

Anyways, don't want to drag this one out too long. Here's tonight's SC pics:

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