Sunday, October 19, 2008

RUN: 2.35 miles@18:03 (7:41 pace), Viera Wetlands, Viera, FL

This afternoon I drove over to the Viera Wetlands, and looking at it, the sun was bright above it but was on its way away. Looking back the other way, towards town, the skies were dark and suspicious. I figured that I'd have time for one loop around. But first I figured that I should at least stretch, and I also took the opportunity to put more air in my back left tire (it has a slow leak) using my portable air compressor (a good investment).

Anyways, the run around the perimeter was fine. I kept thinking that the park ranger would drive up to me and tell me that the wetlands were closing for the day and to head out. I saw the white truck far behind me but decided to keep facing forward and maybe it'd disappear. And it did. Still, I told myself that I'd be appreciative for one loop around, and on the final stretch, a white park van did come up behind me, but the ranger just smiled and went along.

There weren't many animals out today. There were a couple clusters of really red-beaked hen-looking birds out and at one point there was a violent splash back into one of the cells -- it had to be an alligator -- but it was a calm run nonetheless. I listened to the latest Netcot podcast episode.

Anyways, when I was done with the loop, I looked back towards my car and saw a rainbow against the dark scene. Then as I drove out, there was a crow perched on a nearby sign. There seemed to be a number of omens -- too bad I don't know what they all mean. *shrug*.

Anywho, here are the sweaty ceddy pics:

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