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DISNEY: ThompCot, F&W En Vogue

Team Thompco hadn't used their park tickets from the EEC, so on Sunday they headed to Epcot and I bummed a ride. (yeah, there's not much to this trip's rationale) Oh, and with my annual pass, I got free parking and saved them $12.

Anyways, I woke up Early but as they were a family, there was a late start, and I managed another nap before they arrived to pick me up. And after a quick stop by WM/McD, we were off.

We got to Epcot around 10:45am, and like last weekend, the crowds were light. They were a bit rusty with the touring, so as their elected guide, I took them on the standard "get-a-fastpass-for-Soarin'" track. We got our FPs then headed over to LWtL, which amazingly ended up being our longest wait of the day.

We had an hour before our Soarin' window was open, so we went over to The Seas With Nemo. We rode the ride then spent some time looking at their aquarium. We also caught the scuba demonstration (niiice).

We then cut across the park, passing through both Innoventions, and ended up at Mission:Space. Alex and Moji rode Orange while Jordan, me, and (this time) Lobster rode Green. Then, in the Advanced Training Lab, the four of us played as Team Triton and WON with an incredible 98% efficiency -- highest of the day!

High off our win, we were scored some Test Track FPs and went over to the Cool Club for a mini-celebration. As tradition, I had them try the imfamous Beverly from Italy with me ready with camera. But what came next was unexpected -- Jordan and Alex actually liked it! It wasn't their favorite, but there was no Ewww face from them.

We then quickly made it over to Soarin', where Alex convinced his mom that she didn't measure up to the height indicator on the seat (when she really did), and she put her seat belt through the loop in the center strap -- HA!. They really enjoyed the ride, and Moji wanted to do it again (maybe later).

Now, ever since he saw a CM on one in the Epcot parking lot, Alex had been infatuated by the Segways. And as we walking through Innoventions the first time, we passed by Segway Central; but they weren't set up yet, so we came back after we rode Soarin'. We all tried it (my second time) and Alex was happy.

Since we had time before TT, I took them over to Where's the Fire, where Alex and I, as Searchwells, were up against his parents, who were Findmores. There was some trash-talking and some cheer-hazing (by the parents), but as karma and youth had their way, we kicked their butts with a stellar performance (28k!) that even amazed the hostess.

Next was Test Track. This my first time riding TT after learning the true identity of Bill McKim, and... well, the jury's still out. Afterwards we were getting hungry so we we made our way to the World Showcase. I picked up a Maple-Glazed Salmon with Roasted Corn and Arugula (and Candied Walnuts) in Canada, which was delicious... hearty fish, crispy skin, and sweet greens. And it started to drizzle.

By the time we made it to France, the downpour was on. We crossed a few more countries and took refuge at Japan's Yakitori House. We took the opportunity to have a good sit-down, counter-service meal (and I got my usual).

Well, the rain became a drizzle again and by the time we got to the amphitheater in front of AA for En Vogue (Eat to the Beat concert), the rain had stopped. We looked in the seating area for somewhere that could fit four, and we found one by a smiling face. It took me a long moment to realize that the person smiling was my across-the-street neighbor -- what a coincidence! Anyways, the concert was great. The funky divas lived up to their names and I heard my favorites (like "My Lovin (You're Never Gonna Get It)" and "Giving Him Something He Can Feel") and some songs that were new to me.

After the concert, our group separated again -- Jordan and his wife had to take a restroom break, so Alex and I bolted back to Louisiana to snap some pics and get some beads. We then went back to the Pearville Fair to meet up with the parents only to learn that they were now in a beer seminar. (alright?!) Oh well... more pics of Loster in Pearville -- and Alex was getting more zealous about the "Flat Stanley" than me (note the Lobster pic from Imagination).

Yeah, so I start talking with a guy in Pearville who was there promoting the pears -- he owns a pear orchard up in Washington state. He was niiice and ended up giving Alex and me each a souvenir coin. There was a concession stand there that had fresh pears and pear tarts for sale. Alex asked if the coin could be traded in for a pear -- it couldn't -- and so when the beer seminar let out, Alex gave his mom the coin and convinced her that it could... HA! (again).

Now he owes her 5 hugs.

Anyways, it was almost 7pm, when many FW attractions were closing, so we rushed over to Journey Into Imagination. JII was still fun to ride, and then, in the post-ride area, Alex borrowed Lobster for a covert photo.

After we got out of JII, there was enough time for either Soarin' or both Gran Fiest Tour and Maelstrom. WS won. We rode the boat rides and stayed for the Norway movie (one of my favorites). And by then, it was 8:30pm -- too late to do anything else, so we proceeded around the lagoon clockwise, settling in Canada as Illuminations began -- and I think it was a very good view of the show.

We headed for the car afterwards, tired and happy. We made a stop to fill up since gas was the cheapest we've seen for a while ($3.41) and so that Jordan could get some coffee -- the other three of us slept on the way back to Melbourne. Thanks for driving, Jordan!

Anyways, after a late start, we made it to the park with small crowds and fair weather. We managed to get everything done that we wanted to (ride-wise... the films will have to be for next time). The food was delicious -- salmon, tonosama, pear tart, pretzel -- and the concert was fun.

It was nice to have gone with Jordan and his family, to listen to their stories and to see Alex prank his mom (HA!). Seriously though, it was a good and warm feeling, touring the parks with them. Thanks for the great pictures and the fond memories!

Per usual, itinerary first and pictures (and an SSE video) following:
Here's what we did this visit:

- Living With The Land
- The Seas With Nemo And Friends
- Innoventions - Smash Labs
- Mission: Space
- Advanced Training Lab - 31, Triton Wins with 98% efficiency!
- Cool Club
- Soarin'
- Segway Central
- Where's The Fire - Findmores 20,000 Searchwells 28,000!
- Test Track
- Canada (Maple-Glazed Salmon with Roasted Corn and Arugula)
- Japan - Yakitori House (Tonosama Combo)
- Eat To The Beat - En Vogue
- Louisiana (Beads!)
- Pearville (Pear Tartlet)
- Germany (Pretzel)
- Journey Into Imagination
- Spaceship Earth
- Project Tomorrow - Power City - 10,030,000 MegaCity!
- Mexico - Gran Fiesta Tour
- Norway - Maelstrom (incl. movie!)
- IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (from Canada)

Spot the Lobster

Today's Shameless Pic

Finding Nemo

What about the butt?

I'll be visiting the Seas more often.

We were 98% efficient!

Sorry Alex. We went here for you,
but my picture turned out better.

Back-Seat Lobster

Jordan likes Beverly!


Beautiful Germany

A Rainy Honeymoon in Italy

En Vogue!

The Prank Evidence!

The Food Montage


So long Folks!

SSE Future Cedric and Alex

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