Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was in Orlando this weekend for the JoinTheImpact peaceful protest and to spend some time with friends. Then I ended up also helping out at the Orlando Food & Wine Festival. I had plans to hit the parks with a friend, but it fell through. S'alright -- I wasn't at a lack of things to do -- but after a long week at work and two weeks away, I was needed a trip back to the World.

The only park I knew for sure would be open was Epcot (9pm IllumiNations). I wasn't expecting to be able to do much -- the Christmas/Holiday decorations were already up, so there was enough just to sight-see -- but I was surprised by how light the crowds were. Perhaps it was because it was Sunday evening or because it was surprisingly cold. Whatever the reason, it was quite nice not having to wait for anything... JII, LWTL, UoE, ... even TT! (Soarin' was at 25-40, but I only ride it when I'm there with friends).

JII wasn't very memorable at all, but the senior couples that I rode with were quiet. LWTL was amazing at night as usual; the gardens were particularly fragrant in the cool weather. Next was UoE; perfect timing for the show (1:16 before pre-show). In the 2nd-to-the-last room, the projection on the right screen was a second ahead of the other two (oh well). Afterwards, I headed towards the WS but saw TT at 10-10... no wait! I rode SR with a guy and his three little girls. I felt part of the family, and they absolutely made my night! The ride pic even turned out!

I walked around the WS and took non-flash pictures of the lit structures (though not all turned out). Most of the countries had their holiday decorations already up, and it was a welcomed change. I forgot to check if United State was offering a Thanksgiving-oriented menu. I did stop by Norway to ride Maelstrom (no wait) and watch the film (still loving the music). I stopped by Japan to take a photo of the new menu at Yakitori House. I took a small break at Morocco where Mo'Rockin was performing -- their belly dancer reminds me of PHouse.

I stopped by the store at the Canada Pavilion; and quite a number of native Canadian guests were there. I overheard one family commenting on the "100-calories per portion" sour patch kids and swedish fish -- something they haven't seen before -- and we struck up a conversation about the health/diet trends in Canada, and it sounds like they're a year or two behind us (they're starting to become carb-consciousness). They also mentioned how large meal portions were in the United States and how expensive it is to eat healthy, and I suggested that Canadian tourism's tagline should be "Visit Canada and lose weight".


I had been good and resisted getting the [now-more-expensive] Tonosama Combination at Japan but still had the urge to gnosh -- it was 15 minutes before IllumiNations so I was totally staying -- so I treated myself to a bucket of popcorn (holiday design). I repaid karma for the no-waits and for the good feeling at TT -- I gave up a good viewing spot to some foreign guests. I just enjoyed being out there in the park, on a cool, crisp Sunday night.

So tonight continued my streak of "successful" visit to the World. My trust rebuild. My spirits are renewed. And even though it had been a full weekend, this trip really completed it, and I look forward to my next time out.

More pictures (with Captions!) after the itinerary.
Here's what I did this visit:

- Journey Into Imagination
- Living With The Land
- Cool Club
- Universe of Energy/Ellen's Energy Adventure
- Test Track
- Maelstrom
- IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

this parking pic is small because Pooky is small

I hope there's gonna be more

Only out of Beverly... really?

If we don't collect enough laughs...

Two Towers

I miss the vegetable tempura

Pooky took the quiz and made an "Eh?"

They look like light-sabers!

Merry Christmas


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