Tuesday, November 04, 2008

JOURNAL: I'm officially a 2nd-class citizen.

The news just called the results of Florida's Amendment 2 (the marriage amendment). It needed 60% to pass, and it got 62%. There were many co-workers that I expected to have voted for the ban but there was one person at the office that I was really surprised to find on that side of the issue.

It wasn't because he's gay (he's not) or an Obama-supporter (he is), it was because he knew me. He knew what type of person I am. I don't necessarily mean 'gay', but when he told me that he was voting for the amendment, I quickly became passionate enough about trying to change his mind that he should now have no doubt that the adjective applies to me.

In my attempts, I felt like Bambi pleading to a hunter who had him cornered. And to hear that he was going to vote 'yes' because of church influences -- it just reinforced my apprehension to the cloud of religion (but that's a personal belief). I did realize that I really don't know which way he ended up voting, and in the end, I suppose it didn't matter.

Everyone is entitled to their vote - their own choice - but tonight I feel like a choice has been taken away from me. I'm not remotely close to getting married but to know that people would want to deny me this chance... it's difficult not to take it personally when you're the target of discrimination and the trigger of hate was pulled.

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realtoronymous said...

You have a choice: You can move out of FL! :)

Cedric said...

or maybe the No On 2 campaign should've chosen Bambi as their mascot...

The militant side of me wants to don the pride bling to work but I've got the 20-minute commute to the office to talk myself out of it. Dah.