Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOVIE: Get Smart

[This entry is ATF.]

After work, David and I went over to Jordan's house and had dinner with his family -- Moji cooked lentil soup (actually really good). It was a simple home-cooked meal, which I haven't had in quite a while [Note: food pics at the end of this entry.]. Anyways, after some games on Alex's iTouch and some homework (...), we managed to make our way to their home theater for a showing of Get Smart.

The movie wasn't great but it wasn't a total disaster either. The casting was fair -- most all of the actors were type-casted which, for me, gave off a sense of "nothing new". The lame script and the bad direction didn't help either -- the romantic aspect of the film was cookie cutter, and the dry deliveries of jokes fell flat. Still, it managed to get a couple audible laughs from me after I gave in to the cheesiness of the film -- I know that the film wasn't meant to be serious, but I still expected much more from all the names that they had attached.

Anyways, the others weren't so critical of the film, and I appreciate how the movie is one that's good for a variety of people. I enjoyed how the movie did bring us a lot of changes-of-scenery and out of our heads for a little while.

And here's pictures of the food:

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