Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MUSIC: "Stay" (House Mix) by Bravehound

Tonight, I was surfing the Internets, visiting some blogs I haven't been to in a while -- one of them being

I really don't know how I came to find this blog in the first place, but looking at the picture below, you could probably guess why I would go back.

Anyways, Bravehound is the website of one Andrew McDonald. A couple minutes there, and you would see see that his interests include gay pop culture, the latest technologies, and music.

Although his looks and his enthusiasm for the newest gadgets are beyond me (and really blow my mind), I do find it comforting that 1] we're fellow gays, and 2] we both like taking a lot of pictures of ourselves.


I'm giving him this somewhat lengthy shout-out because I totally pulled code from his site and posting it below. It's of his latest house mix, which is incredibly good, and otherwise, my presentation wouldn't've given him justice (though I'm not sure how much justice I'm giving him below... [wait, that didn't sound right]).

Anyways, check out the music below -- it'll raise your energy -- and stop by his website for a look-around.


    bravehound - stay.mp3
(to download, right-click and choose save.  Apple users control-click and choose download.)

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