Saturday, November 22, 2008

RUN: 3.51 miles @??:??, Beta Melbourne Cswy Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[trying out the new embedded run map from]

This morning I woke up and quickly got prepared to go running with some people from work -- everyone else has been so diligent with it that I felt like I should actually show up now-and-again.

Anyways, I ran slowly (jogged-ish), and whenever I got winded (it was a bit chillsome), I just found something to take a picture of, stopped, took the picture, then continue on.

It's been a couple weeks since I've run. I've walked a lot yesterday, and my feet didn't like having all that weight on it for so long. Today, it didn't scream so much, so that's good.

Anyways, that's about it. No jumping pic today. I was pretty flashy with my camera as was. I did get a pre-run group pic (I'm behind the camera). Everyone's excited about Thanksgiving week, and many are doing the Lightfest 5K race tomorrow... it's at night, with lights, and catered by Carrabba's.

Afterwards, I left first and headed up to Running Zone to help with SCM race packet stuffing. That'll be another post.

Let's Go!


Me Pic.

A couple establishment pics.

Good smile.

Mug o'Joe, Hug a Dog :)

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