Sunday, November 23, 2008

RUN: 8.00 miles! @?:??:??, SCR Sunday Fun Run & Potluck, Cocoa, FL

[The route map is potentially "very tall"
so it's at the end of this post
with the event pictures following it

I woke up at an hour that begins with the number 5 and drove up to Cocoa for the SCR Sunday fun run and potluck. It was my first time at one of these (as I'm usually a bum on Sundays), and I was surprised by the number of people out there; many from Titusville. It was just as popular as the Running Zone Thursday night fun runs -- could it be the promise of food? (the tactic has mixed results when applied to Toastmasters).

Anyways, I was dressed up in my fleece pullover and pants, had my full set of keys and a set of spare batteries, and toted the digital as I ran, sans music and avec knee brace. I planned on doing a simple 2-3 miles, but Jorden told me that there was water at the mile 3 marker. When I got there I saw the causeway a little further and just had to get that extra mile out in. So I ended up running/walking 8 (with my left foot acting up starting at mile 7).

I took some pictures along the way. I haven't reviewed them yet, but I suspect a number of blurry pics -- it's hit-or-miss days with this camera. Hopefully there'll be a couple that end up newsletter-worthy. I was sure to get some establishing shots and there were quite a number of animals out... a short-tailed cat and a lot of squirrels. And when we got back to Riverfront Park, there were food pic opportunities.

The weather this morning was nice... cool and a little breezy. Next week's Space Coast Marathon should be wonderful, and again I'm really hoping that there'll be people out there taking pictures :).

Anyways, so I have about 120 pictures to go through -- I want to trim it down to under 60 before I post. I also need a nap at some point this afternoon and some general housekeeping before I start packing for the trip home. And maybe I'll treat myself to Bolt in 3D if I get all done by 4pm.

Weather was chilly and kinda breezy but nice day. Lots of food (lots of carbs) and juice waiting for us. Riverfront park was decorated and had an ice rink tent set-up. I was there to take pictures and got a little camera shy... (I wasn't fully awake yet and got a bit self-conscious). Took 120 pictures nonetheless. Hoping to get it down to under 60 for post. No stand-out photo that I remember but we shall see.

Route Map (again from

[NOTE: I'm posting 20+ photos here, so I going "medium-sized".]

Cocoa Village before morning

The Fun [run] begins

A couple stablishing shots on the run northwards

I made it to 4!

A couple establishing shots on the run southwards

I've heard of a "gaRage" sale...

Thank goodness I have backup!

Potluck food pics (oh, the carbs)

Squirrels in the park

And finally... a return to the sweaty Ceddy jumping pics.

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