Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MOVIE: Hoodwinked

Alright, so Hoodwinked isn't a new movie, but one that I just got around to seeing (borrowed from the library). Honestly, it wasn't as bad as the animation would've suggested. It wasn't as fine-tuned as Shrek. It was a procedural -- trying to figure out who stole all the recipes from the forest -- but somewhat gimmicky -- the story given from four points-of-view

-- and with an odd mix of voice talents -- from the uber-talented Patrick Walburton to amateurs like Anne Hathaway... and "Xzibit" (really?).

Still, the story was decent even if far-fetched (coincidentals) and I was surprised by the music -- songs, actual songs -- even if not by the "big reveal" -- it was hard to play dumb. But still, I do have to say that it was a decent animated effort -- I did actually sit down to watch it without trying to multi-task. They're coming out with a sequel, so I would perhaps suggest the watching of the first before the somewhat obvious is spoiled.

I <3 Twitchy! And he's a shutterbug!

A Twitchy scene

A fan vid of all of Twitchy's scenes, set to the music of Ciara's "Get Up":


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