Tuesday, December 23, 2008

RUN: 7.46 miles @1:00:00, Wickham BCC/Park Loops, Melbourne, FL

I was driving home north on Wickham after running with Sherri, and the other drivers on the road were frustrating me. So I turned into the Wickham BCC parking lot thinking that I'd just get a couple loops in. There were a couple other people doing laps, one being someone I knew -- Kathy O. Well, I did four half-mile loops at a very consistent pace -- 4:05, 3:55, 4:02, 3:26 -- then put in another couple easy loops at about 4:10 each.

Kathy was waiting for someone to do the 4-mile outside loop, and I saw that person park and head out directly. So when I caught up to Kathy, I suggested that we cut through Wickham Park in an attempt to catch-up with her, so we took off into the trails, into a construction zone (nice wide pavement). Anyways, once we reached the park park, she told me to go ahead and catch the other person.

When I got to the entrance, it was dark, and I was looking into a sea of headlights, but I did spot a pink shirt way in the distance, near the corner, and I went for a sustained bolt. It took me halfway up Croton before I caught up, but I was short on breath and probably looking suspicious. I told the pink shirt that Kathy was on her way, but PS kept going on. I figured that I shouldn't push it and just turned back.

I caught up with Kathy and said that we should probably turn back. And it was a nice run back. She was telling me that she was part time at Disney as a FastPass photographer, which was surprising and pretty awesome. Anyways, when we did get back to the parking lot, there were other runners from Doug's camp that were back from their LD runs. I had a few cups of the Gatorade and took a couple cookies.

This second workout of the day was a pleasant surprise, though if it had been solo, I'd been fine with that too. It's just a matter of listening to your body and mind, and things will just naturally happen.

Sweaty pics!:

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