Saturday, December 13, 2008

RACE: Reindeer Run 5K, Cherie Down Park, Cape Canaveral, FL (did not run) (and FOOD: The Omelet Station, Cocoa Beach, FL)

[Note: Here's a LINK to the results.]

The fourth race in the Space Coast Runners' Runner-of-the-Year Series was last Saturday up in Cape Canaveral. It's another one of those races that's becoming a tradition. And it's one in which I have the chance to see again a lot of familiar faces. The running community here in Brevard is fantastic!

Anyways, The weather was a bit chilly but the race was very nice. As noted before, I didn't run but I did take pictures. The pictures have been downloaded, sorted, selected, cropped, then uploaded. They're in 6 album on my fotki page. Click on the headings below to take a look at each individual albums (each will open in a new window/tab). [Note: these are not permanent links but should be good for a few more months.]






Youth Series

The Mayor of Cape Canaveral Rocky Randels and Me

And here's a VIDEO of the event from kjhorton:

UPDATE [very ATF]:

FOOD: The Omelet Station, Cocoa Beach, FL
After the reindeer run race, a few people from the office who ran in the race and I went over to The Omelet Station for breakfast. None of us had ever been there, but another coworker recommended it.

Anyways, long story short, the place had a local feel to it with a in-house, odd-looking young santa, and an advertised "Barack Obama-let" (egg whites, spinach, and feta cheese), but were known for two things (or so we were told): their home-squeezed orange juice with no added sugar, and their omelet station (derh) -- we fill a little cup with fillings and hand it off to the "omelet dude".

The food was fine but not very timely, Melanie didn't get her omelet until well after the rest of us finished ours. And we ordered more Gooey buns that had existed. And on an non-time-oriented note, my name became "Sid" *shrug*.

It was kinda fun for that morning, but I'm not sure if I'd return.

[Old Post]
Did not run but did take pictures (346 of them). It was a good race -- big attendance and lots of familiar faces. I got some Youth Series bling and some good shots. Then afterwards, I went to breakfast at The Omelet Station with some of my co-workers who ran in the race.

Now, I'm downloading the pics before I figure the next move -- whether to quickly pack for a night over in Orlando and try to make it over for the 3:15p showing of Milk at the Enzian before the 7:35p OGC concert, or wait it out, go to Titusville to take pictures at the Grinch 2 Miler at 5:45p then rush to Orlando for the concert...

I'm leaning towards Milk since it'd only incur a MOVIE post instead of another set of pics to sort through and a RACE entry to story up... plus I'm needing something gay this weekend, and I want to be on the early end of watching it.

Alright, I'm going to update this post with pictures etc. tomorrow or sometime next weekend (it's busy times right now).


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