Sunday, January 18, 2009

DISNEY: Ching Possible

Camille and I had another busy weekend -- of exercise, food, and friends! We shuffled our schedules and freed-up Sunday for the parks. We decided to start off at DAK since we hadn't hit that in the past couple weeks.

We got to the park soon after rope drop and first headed to Kilimanjaro Safari. On the way, we saw Baloo and Louie and just had to stop to get pictures ("Baloo Bear!"). Then on the way to the safari, we passed a a family trying to figure their own itinerary ("Let's go to Pangina!"...). Anyways, our KS driver had a strong New York accent and kinda reminded me of Julie Waters from Billy Elliot. It was still chillyso the animals were slow in waking up.

After KS, we went down to Camp Minnie & Mickey to catch the first showing of the Festival of the Lion King. From the outside, it looked like it was going to be a full house, but upper half of the bleachers ended up being empty. The audience enthusiasm was low, but I think it was also because of the weather. Camille and I split a small cheese pizza at Pizzafari to keep our energy up and for a little break.

Next, we headed to Dinoland U.S.A, to FP DINOSAUR! (50 mins) then headed over to EE. Its SR line was full but there wasn't much choice. And unfortunately we got stuck in front of a really annoying boy-girl. And guess who got stuck riding with shim... Me. Dah. Funny though. The two girls in front of us were having the same problem with a group of young boys in front of them. The empathy was deafening.

I survived the Shim and EE was enough of a rush. There was just enough time to get to DINOSAUR! for the start of the FP window. It was Camille's first time riding it, and after the "this ride sucks" mantra I've been feeding her, I think she actually enjoyed the ride some (it's all about lower expectations). Anyways, I rode with my hands over my ears the entire time. It wasn't that bad.

That was basically it for DAK. We made our way to the car then decided to grab lunch off property?... Golden Corral?!?!

Yeah, we tried, but Carlos wasn't to be found and we saw that all-day Sunday was dinner prices. We got back in the car and after another longer-than-reasonable drive later, we ended up across the street, this time at CiCi's Pizza.

I think that this was also Camille's first time at a CiCi's, and the food was actually pretty good. It's an all-you-can-eat pizza/pasta/salad buffet, and we paid half the price of what we would've at GC (plus we didn't have to tip!). Anyways, we were happy with our choice.

Lunch took a simple hour, and we were back at the parks by 2pm -- this time Epcot Center. We were there to check out the new Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Game. And during this visit, we walked a LOT. We were pretty focused on this goal, and proceeded past SSE (!!!) to Innoventions where we grabbed our first Kim Possible ticket. We played a round of WTF? (and kicked butt) before heading on.

Now, we were both really excited about the Kim Possible Adventure even though neither one of us had seen the show and know nothing about the characters. I think it was because we both just really like scavenger hunts plus the whole "you're a spy" thing.

The KP cart at Norway very cleverly blends in. There, the KP CM Liza handed us our "Kimmunicator" (a.k.a. "Cammunicator") to us get started. We listened to the instructions (Thanks Wade!) and we were on our way to our first mission... in China.

Well, I can't really write too much about our adventures without revealing some of the surprises we encountered (even though they were so awesome and I want to). You'll just have to try it out for yourself. There are some spoiler-free reports, which I'm just going to post links to below:

WDWMagic -- All Ears Net

We actually timed our visit very well. Having two park passes, we were able to get mission tickets for consecutive 30-minute intervals -- 2:30pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm... and by 6:00pm we had accomplished missions in each of the seven countries that were included.

We had so much fun on our covert-but-not-really missions. The games were so engrossing and a wonder to imagineer. It was kinda fun seeing other people on their missions too -- one guy and his son were listening to instruction on the Kimmunicator when he saw me looking at them... he turned his back to hide (HA!). There werewere a couple instances of bunching, but it was good good fun. The game really makes you look at the world showcase pavilions in a different way -- it reminds me of in Fight Club when they would see someone in public and give each other a *wink wink* -- being a KP recruit does give me that feeling of being a bit "special".

Anyways, after accomplishing the KP missions, Camille and I headed towards the exit. We had TT FPs but were feeling good enough and decided to just give them away -- the two girls we gave them to were so excited (yay!). We also figured that we could skip SSE this time around, but we did stop at Innoventions one more time to check out the new ThinkPlace exhibit beside WTF?. We had absolutely no clue what ThinkPlace was all about but learned that it took videos of us running, jumping, and dancing, then put us in a video game (funny!). Well, with that, our completed our day at the parks and made it home in good time.

With SSE/Power City and now also the Kim Possible Adventure Game, Epcot Center solidified its position as Camille's favorite park. Next weekend, we'll hit the shows and attractions at DHS that we missed the last time then go back to Epcot for more KP. This was definitely a successful visit, and all of the CMs at Innoventions and CMs involved with the KP attraction were fantastic.

More [spoiler-free] pictures can be found after our itinerary.
Here's what we did this visit:

- Baloo and Louie
- Kilimanjaro Safari ("Let's go to Pangina")
- Festival of the Lion King (crowded, CM: "welcome to finding nemo")
- Pizzafari (cheese pizza, cup of water)
- (DINOSAUR! [FP+->])
- Expedition Everest (SR, annoying girl/boy, and i had to sit with shim! dah)

(GOLDEN CORRAL expensive & no Carlos)
Lunch at CICI'S PIZZA (goooood)

- (Test Track [FP+->])
- Where's The Fire? (we won! searchwells)
- Kim Possible: Norway
   - China (my favorite)
   - Mexico
- Kim Possible: International Gateway
   - France
   - United Kingdom (my second favorite)
   - Japan
- Kim Possible: Norway
   - Norway
   - Germany
- (gave away Test Track FPs (woo!))
- ThinkPlace (run, jump, dance)

no stitch or sweetie? bad dad.

we bring our own characters to the park

i <3 the disney pizza

forget the yeti, i'm scared of the shim!

not that bad

pizza again?!

again, bad dad.

camille found out that she's a villain

it's liza

camille keeps it covert

cedric... not so much

side mission: how much are these chips?

son, we've been compromised.

who's the most suspicious?

i've heard of crop circles...

now my lovely assistant will get in the box

our kp mission ticket collection

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