Sunday, January 11, 2009

DISNEY RACE: Goofy Challenge (the full marathon)

[Thank you Cindy for this entry!]

We got up hella early again (3am) but this time also had to pack and check out of our room. Our late arrival to the parking lot resulted in a really close spot to the Reunion area. Yippee!

Not as much time to spare = not as much time to pee, but we make it okay.

Fireworks at the start:

And I'm sporting Trash Bag Chic Winter 2009

Since we're (Golden) Corral B, we take the route through Epcot. Characters! in the dark...

After leaving Epcot and merging with the other runners from a different corral, we find another character at Mile 4. Camille!

We make our way to the Magic Kingdom, this time choosing the Disco route rather than the Headbangers that we picked during the Half Marathon the previous day.

More people in costume! Then there's just us.

We see some of the same characters in the same spots during the full marathon.

Groom wanted! Did she know she would be getting a bride instead?

Surprise! It's Camille! At Mile 13, she's a welcome sight. Oh, and can you carry this camera back? We're done with it.

These people have the Nemo theme down! And Yay - they yell!

Mile 16, must take picture with cop car.

On our way to Animal Kingdom we see

And someone Cedric knows.

STOP! Look cross Grrr!

Everest: Standby time 5 min. Let's ride! hee hee hee. Tee hee hee.

Look! People running!

We leave Animal Kingdom and head for Hollywood Studios.

Back through Epcot we find awww. Eeyore...

And our Cheer Squad! Billy! Look down and you'll see Camille.


The final numbers:
Bib 2838
Chip Time 5:22:35
Overall 8908
Splits: 5M 56:09, 10M 1:49:18, Half 2:34:10, 20M 4:06:18

Bib 14042
Chip Time 5:22:35
Overall 8863
Splits: 5M 56:09, 10M 1:49:18, Half 2:34:11, 20M 4:06:17

Anyone else for Goofy 2010?!?

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