Saturday, January 10, 2009

DISNEY RACE: Goofy Challenge (the half marathon)

[Thank you Cindy for this entry!]

This post is mostly pictures. Because:
a) They're pretty good (and funny)
b) Cedric hasn't seen them yet
c) the details are getting fuzzy less than a week later
d) I'm lazy.

We wake up at 3:00am to 3 cell phone alarms and at least one watch alarm. We leave the hotel by 3:45 and find not much traffic on the way to the Epcot parking lots. Only 2 hours to race time. Seriously?!? It's cold at 4am. Mom: Coooold!

The Course takes us from Epcot (along streets) to the Magic Kingdom and back. Like an L shape out and back.

Some good runner costumes. Not sure if they're good for running, but they're good Disney-themed costumes.

Corral A is really close to the front. I'm in Corral A!!

We're off! Behind the guy in the tutu who we never see again. Camille saw him too. In front of us. Waaay in front of us.

And the characters in the Magic Kingdom (it's awfully dark at 6:30am).

Leaving the Magic Kingdom, we run the 5-6 miles back to Disney. By the time we finish the sun is out but it's not yet hot.

And back at Epcot there's more photo moments.

The gospel choir at Mile 13 means we're almost there. Rejoice!

It's the Ching Cheer Squad!

But wait - there are more! Lilo, is that a Joe pic?

We get our medals!

And more of our cheering section has arrived. Billy!

We change in the car, see Cedric's blog for these pics, and then head to Epcot to walk around for another 10 hours. Seriously?!?

The final numbers:
Bib 30893
Chip Time 2:19:54
Overall: 4416
Splits: 5k 31:10, 10k 1:07:39, 15k 1:41:11

Bib 35456
Chip Time 2:19:55
Overall 4417
Splits: 5k 31:11, 10k 1:07:40, 15k 1:41:12

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