Thursday, January 01, 2009

RACE: New Years Eve 5K @22:55, 7-11/Animal Clinic, Melbourne Beach, FL

Howdy All,
Happy New Year 2009! I just got back from a 5K race that started at 11:45PM on New Year's Eve. It's a tradition race (along with the OUC Half) -- this being my 5th time-in-a-row.

My caddy-/kitty-corner neighbors invited me over for dinner [Susan, Steve, Dave, Lou Anne, Zadie, and Willow], and it felt very nice being around a family. Afterwards, the girls helped me make the Kiss-filled pull-apart bread for the NYE race.

When I got to the race (just-in-time), the parking lot was full. The race started a couple minutes early, many of us armed with yellow [non-bleeding] glow sticks.

It was a good race run -- non-competitive and everyone in good spirits. The weather was very nice -- dark and bit-chilly. I recognized a guy from the Buzzard Bait 3k race a couple years ago (good karma? *shrug* not a bad way to start the new year).

Seriously though, it was a good run for me. Even though my left foot was kinda bothering me (before the race), I managed to run without stopping, and at sub-7:30 pace... pretty good for me for where I'm at.

Everyone there was so nice. The spread is always nice -- a mix of sweets and substance (fried chicken and granola bars) -- and the finisher's prize is always a nice gesture.

We took some group photos, ate some food, then headed home. It's always been a great way to ring in the new year. It's something that I look forward to every year.


Here are some pictures and the results:

Space Coast Runners New Year's Eve 5K Results
11:45 PM Dec. 31, 2008 - finish in 2009
Melbourne Beach FL

1. Nikolas Harvan-Matosich 19 M Melbourne 19:22
2. Chris Ammen 25 M St. Louis MO 19:26
3. Bruce McMann 40 M Sebastian 20:56
4. Matt Mahoney 53 M Melbourne 21:26
5. Cedric Ching 27 M Melbourne 22:55
6. George Kirk 43 M Orlando 24:02
7. Matt Ivan 31 M Melbourne 24:09
8. Dave Dunkle 45 M Melbourne Beach 24:42
9. Justin Ivan 31 M Melbourne 26:08
10. Jerry Fahey 65 M Port Orange 27:38
11. Billy Baker 65 M Palm Bay 28:22
12. Scott Maxwell 59 M Indialantic 29:10
13. Christie Curtis 30 F Indialantic 35:28 First female
14. Rick Czarnowski 65 M Palm Bay 45:56
15. Cindy Flanders-Smith 53 F Cocoa 46:11 Second female
16. Henry Campbell 74 M Melbourne Beach 46:54
17. Joan Joesting-Mahoney 71 F Melbourne 57:13 Third female

Race directors: Matt and Joan Mahoney

My past NYE 5K/5Mi results:

2008 - 5K - 22:55 (7:22.6)
2007 - 5K - 22:04 (7:06.2)
2006 - 5 Mile - 39:43 (7:56.6)
2005 - 5 Mile - 35:56 (7:11.2)
2004 - 5 Mile - 36:24 (7:16.8)

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sisonymous said...

Post the recipe for Kiss-filled pull apart bread!

-or even better, make some for the 39.3 :)

Cedric said...

There still a few pieces left. I'll bring them to the airport when I pick you up.