Sunday, January 04, 2009

DISNEY: CamChu 3:14

Camille and Baloo drove down to Florida on Thursday. We decided to hit the parks on Sunday because it was her first weekend here and our last weekend before we Really started back with work... plus I made her go with me to Toastmasters Training on Saturday. We asked Chuck to go with us because he loves Disney too.

We headed over early to try for for DHS's rope drop (so we could get decent TSMM FPs times). We met up with Billy and were in about 10 mins after opening. They got into line as I picked up FPs (11:15am-12:15pm), then we were on in less than 20 mins. I rode with Chuck and we managed to unlock the rainbow balloons and western targets, and I came out with 241,100 pts, good for #2 of the day so far. Chuck did friggin' awesome for hist first time with 180,600!

From there, we walked over to Sunset Blvd and rode RnR (SR); there was hardly a wait. ToT was another matter -- maybe 25 minutes, but worked out well for getting re-hydrated; we didn't realize that our half of the elevator was so calm until we saw the ride picture (ha).

When we went to go redeem our TSMM FPs, we discovered that the ride was down, so we went to get some food at the ABC Commissary and had a nice, easy meal (sorry, forgot to take a food pic). When we went to go check up on TSMM again, it was up. We all ended up with slightly-lower scores but not by much; I rode with Camille, and we unlocked the alien bin monster.

It was past noon, so we decided to head on over to our second park. We took the small boat towards Epcot Center, walking a stretch of the way there. We entered through the Int'l Gateway and proceeded directly to FW.

We rode TT SR ("Please, this Fastpass machine is crazy!"), then went next door to the Advanced Training Lab at M:S's post-ride area. It's one of my favorite things to do at Epcot - fun, hardly ever a wait, and you get to press buttons! Anyways, our team won.

Next up was Camille's favorite ride, Spaceship Earth, which also has Camille's favorite post-ride game, Power City. Even though the future we chose ended up generic (face recognition didn't work),we scored our first team "Tokyo" and a PR of 11,093,000! at Power City. I was too slow with the camera to get a snapshot of the feat, but we'll definitely be back. Lastly at Epcot, we hit Cool Club, and that's where Billy left us to go do some homework. Thanks Billy!

Camille, Chuck, and I took the monorail to the TTC (we rode the nose!) then transferred to MK, where we headed straight for Tomorrowland. A CM passing out mini candy canes at the noodle station (what a wonderful touch. We first rode Buzz Lightyear because it was only at 25 mins (s'alright) then we went nextdoor to MILF.

At MILF, I'm totally digging the first two comedy acts more and more. They always have great audience choices (cute and/or funny). They chose a muscle-y guy as the "dancer" but when he was a little late to start, an older nerdy-ish guy behind him started to dance crazy and try to take the spotlight. The next time the dance section was called upon, both guys were dancing wildly. REALLY funny.

From one show to another, we went to Mickey's PhilHarmagic next, and it was a packed packed house. I didn't get as much of a feeling for it this time, but I'm glad to have gone since it's soon going under refurb. Next we walked over to Frontierland for some Big Thunder Mountain -- 40 mins SB was our only option. The queue moved quite a bit then stopped for the longest time. It was then that we decided to grab some food afterwards then head back home. We were worn out by the wait and were at the parks perhaps longer than we had really anticipated -- Chuck and Camille were good sports about it.

For dinner, Camille and I grabbed some food from Pinnochio's Village Haus (Camille got the chicken nuggets while I got the cheese pizza (yum)); Chuck went back to Frontierland for a turkey leg. I liked how we were eating at places that I wouldn't've normally gone to... just for the experience.

By the time we headed out, people were lining the streets and paths were being closed off for SpectroMagic. We took the ferry boat back to the TTC -- it wasn't packed; nice, relaxing ride back. The bus ride from the TTC to DHS and the tram to the car were another matter -- and involved some unsavory fellow-passengers. We shrugged them off though and made it home safely, a little past 9pm.

So overall, not a bad trip. I think I was a little more wound than usual, since I need to get re-accustomed to traveling with others -- I was worrying about getting to all the rides we wanted to see. Next time out, we'll have a shorter agenda and will be able to take it easier and maybe just walk around more.

Pics from this visit to the parks can be found after the itinerary.
Here's what we did this visit:

-Toy Story Midway Mania ((+>FP 11:15am-12:15pm) & SB 241,100 (2nd!) rainbow, western)
-Rock 'n' Rollercoaster (SR)
- Tower of Terror (SB)
(- TSMM (down))
- ABC Commissary (Ugly Betty Cheeseburger)
- Toy Story Midway Mania (FP 237,700 alien)

Small Boat to SWAN & DOLPHIN

- Test Track (SR)
"Please, this Fastpass machine is crazy!"
- Mission:Space Advanced Training Lab (Orion WIN 34)
- Spaceship Earth (generic future people)
- Power City (Tokyo 11,093,000 PR!)
- Cool Club

Monorail to TTC (orange, NOSE!)

Express Monorail (lime green) to MAGIC KINGDOM
- mini candy canes
(- Space Mountain (+>FP 7:55pm-8:55pm))
- Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (233,200)
- Monster's Inc Laugh Floor (dance party)
- Mickey's Philharmagic
- Big Thunder Mountain (SB 40 mins)
- Pinocchio's Village Haus (cheese pizza combo)

Ferry Boat to TTC (General Joe Potter)



honey smacks, kermit digs'ema couple pics in queue
my average is going up, and i'm on the board
sitting on the less-enthused side
abc commissary pic
tsmm, round 2
i can read asian?
power city
thanks Billy!
a foggy nose
the blt's coming along nicely
we three trees

bew! bew bew!...
we're almost on btm!
food pic (a quite satisfying meal)
the castle lights still up and looking nice

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