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DISNEY: Fantasia Miniature Golf -- Fantasia Gardens

[Yeah, I know... I'm still on hi8us, but posting stuff does make me feel good. Yesterday, my college friend Joy, Jerrico, and I went to Orlando for Dim Sum at Ming Court (I'll probably try to take my parents there) then decided to check out one of the Disney Miniature Golf places. We went to Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf. Click HERE for a link to a description of the attraction on AllEarsNet. On Soneevda, I'm posting pics of all of the holes (18 each) for both the Fantasia Gardens and Fantasia Fairways courses, in two entries. First up, Fantasia Gardens.]

"Fantasia Gardens features pirouetting gators, tutu-clad hippos and dancing water fountains. Putt your way through five musical sequences from Fantasia. The Gardens course is best suited for families and beginning golfers." (from AllEarsNet)

Hole 1: Tocatta and Fugue (par 3)

Our musical game
      has just begun
And here comes
      treble for everyone
Up to the top
      the ball must run
For any hope of
      a hole-in one

Hole 2: Tocatta and Fugue (par 3)

The notes upon the
      staff you see
May seem quite
      lovely musically
But now, as you
      begin to play
You'll see they may
      get in your way

Hole 3: Tocatta and Fugue (par 3)

Before our little
      fugue concludes
The music swells and
      changes mood
Avoid the rests and
      you will hear
Chimes a ringing
      sweet and clear

Hole 4: The Nutcracker Suite (par 3)

Spring is here
      and just beyond
Blossoms float
      upon the pond
The open bud should
      be your goal
Its dainty petals
      surround the hole

Hole 5: The Nutcracker Suite (par 3)

These lively mushrooms
      circle 'round
White one is hopping
      up and down
At the feet of
      little hop low
Is where you want
      the ball to go

Hole 6: The Nutcracker Suite (par 3)

As winter arrives,
      the fairies create
A frost covered pond
      where they can skate
Their path on the left is
      where it should roll
Then watch as it waltzes
      down to the hole

Hole 7: The Nutcracker Suite (par 3)

And so this musical
      suite we close
Amidst the flurry
      of winter snows
Weather the storm
      where snowflakes fall
Or easily putt
      around them all

Hole 8: The Pastoral Symphony (par 3)

Within mount olympus
      the opus unfolds
And what mythological
      creatures it holds!
When putting the ball
      be careful to go
Straight through the pillars,
      to the caverns below

Hole 9: The Pastoral Symphony (par 3)

The impish faun
      loves to tease
As he plays his
      pipe with ease
So if you can putt
      straight and true
Perhaps he'll play
      a tune for you

Hole 10: ... (par ...)

(just hole 10)




Hole 11: Dance of the Hours (par 3)

You will notice
      in a glance
These graceful ladies
      love to dance
This bird ballet
      is lovely, but
They may distract you
      as you putt

Hole 12: Dances of the Hours (par 3)

And here, the dance
      grows even greater
Enter now:
      ben ali gator
With hippo high,
      he strains beneath
Now simply putt
      between his teeth

Hole 13: Dance of the Hours (par 3)

After they dance
      their amusing duet
Hyacinth hippo will
      now pirouette
Carefully watch as she
      spins here for you
Time it just right and the
      ball will go through

Hole 14: Dance of the Hours (par 3)

Twilight brings a
      mood of romance
The perfect time for
      an elephant dance
So while she strikes
      this beautiful pose
Aim for the path
      beneath her toes

Hole 15: Dance of the Hours (par 3)

Before we can finish
      this silly ballet
This fanciful fountain
      is ready to spray
So keep an eye out
      for each little jet
They're hopping and hoping
      to get the ball wet

Hole 16: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (par 3)

Mickey's in trouble for
      casting a spell
Meant to assist him
      in filling the well
Now armies of brooms
      with a water supply
Are ready to douse
      anything that goes by

Hole 17: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (par 3)

When mickey is dreaming
      he's brave and he's brash
Conducting the stars
      and creating a splash
From high on a cliff,
      he's on top of it all
He'll show you his stuff
      when you're putting the ball

Hole 18: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (par 3)

The wave has grown bigger
      with magic it stirs
When up from the bottom,
      a whirlpool occurs
A putt to the left will
      spin it, and then
We hope you'll return here
      again and again!


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Thank you for the great photos of the Fantasia Gardens golf! This helped me figure out if the kids would like it. Looks fun!